HIPAA Compliance Checklist

The following questions represent the core components necessary for HIPAA compliance. Review the requirements below to self-evaluate your practice or organization. You may also download a copy of this checklist HERE.

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  • Have you identified all deficiencies discovered during the audits?

    • Have you documented all deficiencies?

  • Have you created remediation plans to address deficiencies for the following?

    • Security Risk Assessment
    • Privacy Assessment
    • Administrative Assessment

  • Do you have Policies and Procedures relevant to the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules?

    • Have all staff members read and attested to the Policies and Procedures?
    • Do you have documentation of their attestation?
    • Do you have documentation for annual reviews of your Policies and Procedures?

  • Have all staff members undergone basic HIPAA training?

    • Do you have documentation of their training?
    • Is there a staff member designated as the HIPAA Compliance, Privacy, and/or Security Officer?

  • Have you identified all Business Associates?

    • Do you have Business Associate Agreements in place with all Business Associates?
    • Have you audited your Business Associates to ensure that they are HIPAA compliant?
    • Do you have reporting to prove your due diligence?

  • Do you have a management process in the event of incidents or breaches?

    • Do you have the ability to track and manage the investigations of all incidents?
    • Are you able to demonstrate that you have investigated each incident?
    • Are you able to provide reporting of minor or meaningful breaches or incidents?
    • Do your staff members have the ability to anonymously report an incident?

AUDIT TIP: If audited, you must provide all said documentation in an eligible format to auditors.

HIPAA compliance can be complex. Check with STI Managed Services to make sure you
have everything in place. Contact us at 800-487-9135 ext 1801 or info@stimsp.com

This checklist is composed of general questions about the measures your organization should have in place to state that you are HIPAA compliant, and does not qualify as legal advice. Successfully completing this checklist DOES NOT certify that you or your organization are HIPAA compliant.

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