STI Computer Services is featured in the March 2014 issue of Business Solutions magazine.

Remote Management Improves MSP Business

By Brian Albright, Business Solutions magazine

STI Computer Services can better serve clients, and do so more profitably, by providing remote security audits and hardware troubleshooting.

For VARs and MSPs (managed services providers) serving the healthcare industry, there’s more to every project than simply providing hardware or software. Industry and government regulations require healthcare providers to meet a constantly expanding set of requirements around patient privacy, security, and reimbursement that most hospitals, clinics, and physician practices are ill-equipped to manage on their own.

Enterprising VARs can strengthen client relationships and generate new streams of revenue by providing assistance with these compliance issues. Such is the case with Eagleville, Pa.- based STI Computer Services, an MSP/VAR that provides practice management systems (PMS), electronic medical record (EMR) systems, and installation and support of network equipment and computer systems to ambulatory care facilities.